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Our partnerships are created with those whose vision for the future ALIGNS WITH OURS, especially and including placing high value on both our cast and crew.

Kilo Pictures believes that no matter ones career, all should be able to have healthy bodies and minds. We are committed to creating a brighter future for those WHO WATCH our content and those WHO CREATE it.

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The Feminist Library is a large collection of feminist literature based in London. It supports research, activist and community projects.

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Splatch is a studio formed by Frederic van Strydonck that has made award winning visual content since 2014. Its work has been seen over 5 million times.

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Skyline Films is a production company providing consultancy services for productions on a global scale.

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Vanessa Williamsen is an award winning writer, director and producer working on indie features, documentaries and commercials.


Edward Grey is an actor, singer and writer currently part of a Broadway show. He was most recently awarded for his short musical "The Singing Telegram".

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Steven James Griffiths is an award winning writer-director focusing on the horror genre. He's a book author, as well as a film-maker.

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